Kit Union Berlin 2019/2020 - Dream League Soccer Kits

The Union Berlin 2019-2020 home, away and third kits are the last to be made by Macron before Adidas takes over at the 'Stadion An der alten

Försterei'. Additionally, Aroundtown SA, a company specialized in real estate, makes its debut as principal sponsor on the upcoming kits.


Check out the Union Berlin 19-20 home shirt below.
Dropping the white sleeves from last year, the new Union Berlin 2019-2020 home football shirt is all-red, with just a bit of white trim on the collar and sleeve cuffs.


Check out Macron's Union Berlin 2019-20 away jersey below.

A very clean look, the new Union Berlin away football shirt has a white-grey melange fabric and red accents on the collar and cuffs.

The Macron here on the right chest of the new Union Berlin away football shirt is also red, while the sponsor logo appears in its default blue.

The shorts and socks of the Union Berlin 19-20 away kit are white.


This is the Union Berlin 2019-20 football third shirt, made by Macron.

Union's new 19-20 third shirt is mainly dark blue with bright green trim, while green supplier and club logos complete the design.
Additionally, the Union Berlin 2019-20 third jersey features a subtle geometric graphic pattern that adds to the design.

The Union Berlin 2019-20 third kit is set to be combined with shorts and socks of the same color as the shirt.

How do I customise my kit / logo in Dream League Soccer?

Within this screen you can personalise your team data by editing your team name, shirt numbers & boot colours, you can also download and apply your very own kits and logos. Below you can see a screenshot of the 'Customise Team' main menu.

To edit players, simply tap on the 'Edit Players' button on the main 'Customise' screen. Within this screen you can edit boot colours & shirt numbers by tapping on a player.

To edit kits, simply tap on the 'Edit Kit' button on the main 'Customise Team' screen. Within this screen you can edit your home and away kits, shirt number fonts, kit types and trim.

To edit kit colours, simply tap on the 'Edit Kit Colours' button within 'Edit Kit'. Here you can edit kit colours for all aspects of your kit.

If you want to change your logo, there is a selection of pre-designed templates that are available to choose from. Simply use the left and right navigation arrows underneath the image to cycle through the different designs. When you have selected your logo, your current team name will display inside the logo; your team name can be changed at any time in ‘Edit Team Name’ and the logo will be automatically updated to reflect it.

To import a logo, simply navigate to ‘Edit Logo’, tap ‘Download’ and copy and paste the URL of the logo you want (maximum 512x512), then press the confirm button in the bottom right hand corner of the 'Edit Logo' screen. The logo here will appear on your kits.

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